Deployment flexibility for a changing media landscape

Manage and deploy a media processing & optimization infrastructure that can cost-effectively scale and flex to meet changing end-user consumption patterns, viewing habits and business models.

Deployment Options

Virtualized software architecture for maximum deployment flexibility

Vantrix Media Platform (VMP) is a virtualized solution that can be deployed on media-optimized appliances or standard servers in both private and public cloud scenarios.

Runs on OpenStack

VMP runs on OpenStack – a cloud computing framework that enables software virtualization and cloud deployment on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware resources.

This flexible & scalable platform helps service providers cost-effectively manage daily fluctuations in demand and quickly add capacity when needed, without over investing in infrastructure.

Service providers can also greatly reduce both CAPEX and OPEX costs by leveraging the continuous improvements in the price/performance of COTS hardware compared to fixed-function proprietary systems.

Runs on OpenStack

Centralized Management

Centralized management

The Vantrix dashboard provides centralized management of both the virtualized applications layer, such as live encoding or just-in-time (JIT) packaging, as well as management of the physical infrastructure. This reduces management overhead, while giving operators the ability to fine tune resource allocation in a dynamic workflow environment.

Turnkey appliance options

VMP can be delivered on COTS turnkey media processing appliances for easy deployment. Vantrix offers the following appliance options via its partners:

  • 4.3U – transcodes up to 450 1080p HD live feeds or VoD transcodes per fully loaded chassis. Learn more
  • 2U – transcodes up to 72 1080p HD live feeds or VoD transcodes per appliance. Learn more
  • PCI Express card – transcodes up to 36 1080p HD live feeds or VoD transcodes per card in a standard server. Learn more

Centralized Management

Deploy in the Cloud

VMP is built on the OpenStack cloud platform, and can be deployed in a private data centers or on public cloud infrastructures.

Vantrix also offers Transcoding-as-a-Service via Vantrix Cloud. This pay-as-you-go service can be used to outsource all of your multiscreen transcoding jobs, or as a supplemental resource when more media processing horsepower is needed.

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