Vantrix software runs on Artesyn SharpStreamer PCI Express cards to deliver high-performance media processing with the flexibility of using standard servers.

Vantrix & Artesyn solution for standard servers

Artesyn provides industry-leading PCIe density with its SharpStreamer add-on card technology. This full height ¾ length card can be added to existing COTS servers to increase video processing density by 600%. This flexible solution enables service providers to leverage existing hardware and cost-effectively scale their video processing operations.

Vantrix Media Platform is designed to take full advantage of this powerful Artesyn hardware and can deliver up to 36 1080p HD live feeds or VoD transcodes per SharpStreamer card. With up to 4 cards per 1U server, the Vantrix and Artesyn solution can deliver 144 1080p streams at 30fps.

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